Welcome to ALEXANDRIA, a friendly PVE/PVP Rust Community. Experience doesn’t matter, whether you have 5k hours or are just starting, alexandria community is for everyone. We launched this community for PVE and PVP players. Alexandria is a place that is not toxic and where all players respect each other. We even respect our PVP enemies.

We are currently playing on the Zombie Nation server and wholeheartedly support its owner Jim and his co-workers, admins, moderators and people who play on the Zombie Nation. We don’t support stupidity, toxic people and thieves. Zombie Nation is a PVE server but every 10 days there is one day of PVP and we are fighting a big war and destroying buildings. Whoever is not with us is against us. We try to be nice and helpful to other players when it is PVE.

more info about Zombie Nation on website https://zombienation.eu/

Zombie Nation STORE – > buy RP, buy VETERAN rank http://zombienation-pve.tebex.io/

How to join Zombie Nation server ?

You can find us by searching for “Zombie Nation” under the modded tab, then click on our server name in the list. You can also click the star icon if you wish to add us to your favourites tab.


Press F1 to bring up the console, now copy the connect info in the quotes below and past it into the console. Press enter and you should load into the Zombie Nation.

Zombie Nation: “client.connect