Useful Commands (use them by entering the following in game chat)

/info – to access the information panel

/warp – to get to the town, the outpost, the bandit camp or the custom zombie airfield.

/s – access the RP shop where you can buy heli, brad and horde tickets, zLevels, and a wide variety of items.

/sethome “name” – to set your building as a tp point , 5 homes max as a veteran

/delhome “name” – to delete an already set home

/home – to see panel with all your TP locations.

/tpr “player” – to request teleport to another player

/tpa – accept teleportation request

/pm “player name” – to send a private message to another player

/kit – stuff for free

/share – look at box, furnace and share with all players

/share “player name” – share the item you are looking at with your friends

/bgrade X (0 – twig, 1 –  wood, 2 – stone, 3 – metal, 4 – hqm)

/remove – to remove structures built by yourself or a teammate

/pc – players scores

/tcmd – Tool cupboard wide turret and trap control for easy activation/deactivation + filling of turrets and traps


You must buy a ticket at /s (commands) and just use the spawn command

/”brad/heli/zombie” spawn

/heli – brings up the heli spawning menu with additional commands

/brad – brings up the Bradley tank spawning menu with additional commands

/zombie – brings up the zombie horde spawning menu with additional commands