Who are we?

We are normal rust players. We prefer PVE servers with the possibility of PVP.
On a PVE server nobody can kill you or destroy your base and there is generally an overall friendlier community. Zombie Nation’s server is PVE but every 10 days we only have 24 hours of PVP. On PVP servers your base can be destroyed every day – so they die fast. especially, if you go to work, school or enjoying a good night’s sleep – On the Zombie Nation server this is limited to PVP DAY which starts at a certain time and date. Zombie Nation currently has 150 slots and the server is always active. there is a wide variety of active players here.

CLAN overview

AXTeam CLAN (most active players of our group/more PVP oriented):
Currently, the AXTeam clan is made up of: DOT, SPYR, LadyMia, SUNA, DefinitelyM, Blackhawk89, Lotso, SirJerkalot, CrazyDogg,

Recruits: tr]ash, imFine, Heisenberg,

There are 11 of us and we are looking for another 4 people. Maybe it will be you? conditions: at least 1000h, good English, high lvl mine, we prefer veterans, and people who play rather daily.

Our ally clans: xZ, WNG